We All

Come from somewhere

But something we all share, is that we enjoy a good celebration. The happiest and momentous of occasions, don't need to be cause for stress. Adoria Aimer takes what seems like a near impossible task and creates a slice of magic, that's so uniquely you, you'll forget where you came from and only be able to focus on where you are.  

Welcome to Adoria Aimer 

We are a boutique, full-service wedding and event design and planning company based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina—though we have plans to expand in the future. I am a hardworking gal whose heart has belonged in Weddings and Events since I was a child. I've  always enjoyed creating and entertaining. Pictured here is my fiance, who's set to let me borrow his last name in October of 21. Much like many of you, I'm a COVID-bride, so he's put an IOU on that until this fall. He complements my talents in every way possible. Although he's not a part of my team, he's just as much as Adoria Aimer as I am. He's stuck through over 100 weddings and events with me and is there to hear about all of the design and creation ideas we have together.

My Principles

Adoria Aimer believes your celebration should be an exact reflection of your love. The qualities you have, we cherish. If you're the couple that isn't afraid to go against the norm, stand out, and stand up for what you believe to cherish your day to the highest extent possible, we want you. We want you to have your heart's desire. Your gift to love. 

Pronounced: (AA-DOR-EE-UH EH MEH)

good to meet you 

Okay, let's get familiar. My name is Meghan and I'm the founder of Adoria Aimer. I've been in the wedding industry for the past 6 years and this business, all started in Omaha, Nebraska (where I lived for 17 years). I've worn every hat that you can think of, which means I know what's going through the heads of all your vendors. But to cut to the chase- Adoria Aimer has gone by many names through day-dreaming through a 9-5 that wasn't quite for me, but she never had a true name, until, well, there was just an epiphany. It wasn't until I was talking to my mother one day, where she said something that resonated with me for life. "Finding the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, is a gift. It's a gift to love, to cherish, to treasure." And that's when it dawned on me, my mom is a genius, yes. But she was right, and more-so celebrations of your love, are also a gift. Thus, Adoria Aimer was born. Adoria, Greek for 'a gift', Aimer, french for 'to love'. Vwa-lah, the years of unsolicited love advice had finally paid off (thanks mom).
A few things to know about me:
I'm a straight-up kind of gal. I have some serious thoughts about 2020, as most of us do. But honestly, I'm glad for what this has done for the wedding industry. Now, I'm brought amazing couples who want their unique celebrations to be unforgettable, memorable and feats of beauty.

Meghan Weber


A day in My Life 

Like I said, I have some real thoughts about 2020.. if it's not clear. Mostly though, I've only developed a  caffeine addiction and splurged on an espresso machine that makes a seriously good brew. So how do I work? I function off of lattes and the love for fine details. Can you come visit my office? Unless you like sharing the sofa with my dogs and seeing a few dishes in the sink, we probably should meet at your favorite brewery or coffee shop. I work from my home office and love every minute of it. I wakeup, have a vanilla latte and get to work curating your timelines, tablescapes and rounding up the best vendors around.