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If you didn't have a million questions, you wouldn't be really trying to plan your wedding! Let's face it, even when you think you've got all the answers, something creeps up in the back of your mind later. Check out some of the FAQ's below to get some answers to your questions you didn't even know you had!


+ Do you have event insurance?

Adoria Aimer has event Insurance! Our policy is a $1,000,000 liability policy. We do not charge an additional fee to provide this for your event! This covers accidents like mishaps with venues, photographers, etc.

+ Can you work with our budget?

We know that not every person has the desire to go all out and would rather invest their budget into their honeymoon or a new home together!  With that being said, we know the average wedding in North Carolina costs roughly $30,000 minimum for less than 100 guests. If you're interested in Full-Service Planning, our minimum budget preference is $35,000 (if planning services is included in your budget). For Management services, we do not require a minimum budget. We only require that you're ready to enjoy your day, stress-free!


We do not charge for any meetings, it's all included in the service that you choose to invest in! 

+ Do you handle contracts + payments?

We do not accept payments to your vendors on your behalf. We do look over contracts, keep records of payments, and copies of all contracts and agreements. We look over all of the agreements with your vendors to be sure there's no hidden fees, that everything is as discussed, and keep file of these so you don't have to clutter your desktop with them! We send reminders about payments to your vendors and will also hold and distribute all gratuities to your vendors on the day of your wedding!

+ Will you handle the invitations, from ordering to the addressing and mailing? 

Of course, we let you pick these, whether they are from (pst.. we have a discount) or through a Stationary Artist! We help you order, we stuff, we wax seal, stamp, and send out in the mail!

+ Will you help us diy flowers?

Adoria wants to focus on you as a couple and ensure that your flow for the day is seamless. For this reason, we don't provide any DIY floral services. There are so
many talented professionals that can provide the unimaginable in North Carolina ! We can help with small items, to discretion, but you are a good fit for our services if you've hired or will be hiring a florist . Of course we are there to set-up the space, exactly how we designed together, but we will leave the creation to the pros.

+ how will we communicate? 

We are no strangers to the fact that sometimes,  your best ideas come to you or you have a last minute question or concern. We communicate primarily through e-mail, but for quick and urgent needs, we accept texts as well. We also have a client dashboard, that allows you to enter in your guest-list, view your budget, mood-boards, etc.

+ CAN WE HIRE YOU FOR JUST ONE DAY (day-of-coordination)?

Because of the number of vendors it takes to pull off your vision and the amount of time it requires to coordinate all your details, our Day-Of-Coordination is included in the Management Package. We start 3 months out of your day,  curate a time-line, do your final venue walkthrough, ensure payments are up-to-date, and communicate with your vendors a plan of action! This is standard practice of Wedding & Event Planning companies everywhere, and is also standard practice of most Wedding Planners in North Carolina. 

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